Supporting a heavy load, irrespective of the amount of weight is easy in comparison to supporting the changing demands of operations given the weightier load is consistent!


raising the profile of support services

  • Finance
  • IT
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Legal

All of these support functions face similar challenges. Establishing and maintaining credibility, achieving responsiveness from line employees and managers, whilst contributing to the business showing a Return On Investment etc.

Recognised as non core activities, they are usually the first to be considered for outsourcing. However during the feasibility phase of outsourcing initiatives, Orchid Management has found the lack of profile and perceived effectiveness contributing to the initial motive for outsourcing beyond cost savings.

Orchid Management can help to increase and reposition both the effectiveness of the function and the perceived value, though not as a superficial re-branding exercise or thinly disguised business or process re-engineering.

Preliminary analysis will include ascertaining the real and perceived needs the business requires of the function, both today and in the future to determining the softer measures of perception and harder qualification of efficiency and effectiveness.

Solutions will include strategic and tactical plans that will enable the support function to meet and exceed even the most demanding of needs or those of skeptical regard. Perception might not be reality!