When making people redundant, the cost savings can quickly become outweighed by the negative impact on the organization – from disillusionment and absenteeism among 'survivors' to a plunge in employer brand or even litigation from leavers.


The five top benefits of well designed outplacement consulting and career transition services includes:

  1. Improves the organizations internal and external image (72%)
  2. Helps reduce litigation (72%)
  3. Reduces stress on managers responsible for implementing organizational change (68%)
  4. Provides a good return on investment (64%)
  5. Improves the morale of retained employees (59%)

Although relatively easy to arrange, the generic approach, resources and advice required to undertaking organizational changes or downsizing needs to be tailored to the precise needs of the organization, as well as the remaining and departing employees.

In the same way the very essence of an individual would need to be taken into account to successfully revitalize the career of any de motivated employee departing an organization, so too do the nuances of all of the stakeholders and organisation to design a successful outplacement programme.

The award winning training, coaching, talent management and career planning, provided by Orchid Management, all combine to provide a very powerful base of capability, that ensures all parties emerge from a potentially difficult time profitability.