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International Recruitment ...Nursing

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A 'not for profit' company, Orchid Applied Sciences, has been formed to bring together the expertise and goodwill of leading practitioners in organisational developement, recruitment and training to provide sustainable solutions to enable the NHS overcome the well publicised difficulties.

To address the staffing shortage, a unique solution has been engineered to potentially generate 4,000 nurses, drawing on the support of the original pioneer of international nursing recruitment, who previously brought 9,600 nurses to the UK.

Although legislation now requires nurses to pass the IELTS English test, employment agencies are still using an outdated approach resulting in 90% failure on average with increased costs. This new initiative will enable an 80% pass as a minimum with increased selection standards and lower direct costs.

Performance Management....

What in realistic terms is the potential of any team, division or organisation? What can be done over and above the present efforts to ensure continued growth, particularly through the present economic climate?

Performance Management has in recent years become an increasingly recognised approach, the keys by which these questions and more can be answered and successfully realised.


Recruitment & Selection ....

Every worthy study undertaken determining organisational or leadership success clearly highlights how critical the selection of the most suited people. Yet informal research undertaken by Orchid Management reveals fewer than 5% of organisations draw upon the more effective recruitment & selection practices.

The downside of poor executive recruitment has been estimated in excess of 2 years annual salary assuming this can be rectified within the first 6 months. Yet the potential gains assuming the correct hiring decisions are incalculable.


Talent Management....

A significant differentiator between good and great organisations is the ability to find, develop and retain key talent.

If any division or organisation is to prosper, then it will only be through ensuring the continuity of its senior management whilst having the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills.


Leadership Development & Training Services....

How many managers have you worked for in the fullness of your career? How many have truly led inspired and motivated to ensure you are able to give of your very best? The ratio is usually less than 10%. Yet should not the benchmark of any leader be to achieve willing followers?

How many people on the payroll are therefore emotionally enrolled?

From executive leadership through all facets of management, sales and soft skills, the founding reputation of Orchid Management was achieved here, developing substantial performance gains and delegate commitment far beyond the usual.

Career Planning....

The word career comes from the latin currus, meaning to compete in a horse race. Too many of us are unaware of which race we are running—let alone where the finish line might be!

People do not plan to fail,, they fail to plan. The careers advice and planning however we received whilst in education was probably insufficient to plot with any accuracy what path might be the most appropriate to our innate characteristics or provide the most longer term fulfillment.

With ever increasing worldwide opportunities available to us previous generations, just what horse race should we be competing?



Organisations in every sector face complexity and change at an ever increasing rate.  Yet it is the existing key workers, managers and executives that are potentially more likely to be able to meet these organisational challenges as distinct from any industry expert or external 3rd party.

However good intentions, kind or misplaced advice are insufficient to realise this potential. As Winston Churchill said, "Spoon feeding teaches us nothing more than the shape of the spoon", so the viability of coaching itself relies almost entirely upon securing well experienced successful coaches.

If right, the financial return (ROI) has been reported anywhere up to 600% (the publication 'Fortune'). A recent study of the Fortune 1000 when including the financial benefits of employee retention reached nearly 800%.


Outplacement ....

With so many impending redundancies, that in many cases are enforced to ensure the very survival of a business, why should organisations consider spending more precious reserves supporting departing employees?

'Downsizing' or 'cut backs' stirs unrest in most people. The turmoil envelopes all of the lives involved. Beyond supporting the needs of the departing employees, satisfying any social responsibilities or alleviating awkward situations, outplacement can return an investment in expenditure, but only if undertaken in an manner best suited to the individual organisation.


Business Process Outsourcing ....

As the insight into BPO matures, so apparently it is becoming recognised as a tool to enable quality and control gains as well as significant cost reductions, or is it? More detailed and recent analysis has revealed significant strategic and tactical pitfalls.

From the provision & management of services on site through to full outsourcing and off shoring the permutations are clearly many fold, but what is the most realistic or feasible in the short and longer term, if at all? Are their alternatives?


Raising the Internal Services Profile....

Support functions such as IT, Finance, HR, Marketing all balance meeting the changing demands of the internal customer with ever apparent financial constraints.

Yet how well regarded, respected or valued are these internal services by the line? All too frequently they are the first port of call for any outsourcing exercise. So is there an alternative that will raise the profile and increase effectiveness?