"The realities of the economic climate will transform the belief that people are an organizations biggest asset – into simply that of the most expensive"
A frightened HR Director

hr support ...in a recession

Although Orchid Management provides support and advice to both HR and line managers, the current climate may require more.

The present recessionary pressures will place considerable strategic and tactical demands on managers, directors and the HR function, from corporate downsizing and divisional closure to ever increasing legislative compliance with a physical presence when required.

The practical reality of reducing costs in a tightening market invariably leads to staff cut backs. But how many, when, how and who without jeopardising the longer term prosperity of the organisation?

Orchid Management can guide though this difficult time, not by telling or advising what you cannot do in a bid to avoid legal penalties, but what can be done and how.

As employees become increasingly well versed in their employment rights, so must employers. From providing the strategic support through to individual case tactics or hands on support, Orchid Management will in addition to resolving the immediate issues, help minimise and elevate the negative impact on any outgoing personnel, remaining employees and shareholders.

Orchid Management can also help put in place the necessary HR and management frameworks to alleviate future issues, i.e. performance management processes, contingency plans and generate commitment from employees to increase business performance and reduce pressures.