"Our analysis found that there was a statistically significant relationship between spending on agency staff – and the size of acute trusts' financial deficits. "
...National Audit Office

An Effective Alternative To Using An Agency or Direct

For the first time more nurses are now leaving the NHS than joining. Consequently empty posts are being filled by locum nurses, with double the costs over the last three years as NHS hospitals breach hourly pay limits for locum staff for 80 % of shifts worked (in 2015).

The RCN cite in excess of 40,000 full-time vacant positions, an increase of more than 10% in a year. The DoH recently announced 10,000 extra training places in 2020, for nurses and health care professionals but they will not be in post until 2023, leaving a 30,000 shortfall assuming the attrition rate does not increase further.

The National Audit Office calculated in 2016 the cost of training a new nurse to be approximately 79,000, compared to the cost of recruiting a nurse from overseas of 10,000 - 12,000. However the number of entrants to the UK from outside the European Economic Area decreased from 11,359 in 2004-05 to just 699 in 2014-15.

The success of bringing 95% of nurses selected into the UK previously can be replicated but relies upon a very different approach used by employment agencies or recruitment attempts directly.

Orchid Management is not seeking a dependant supplier relationship. Instead, providing the NHS with full support, drawing from best practice, to ensure both the quantity and quality of nursing staff required can be recruited at realistic costs.