God invented time to prevent everything from happening at once - yet no matter how small, one small cog can appear to literally disrupt Gods invention!

business process outsourcing

77% of the Fortune 500 organisations have efforts underway to outsource functions, yet 80% of managers who have outsourced an IT function have terminated the contract early. The American Management Association cite 75% of managers thought that outsourcing failed to meet their expectations.

An increasing body of evidence concludes that if the sole motive for outsourcing is cost, it will ultimately disappoint. The strategic and tactical problems can far outweigh the cost savings enjoyed in the first year.

With an established network of outsource vendors and a BPO capability here in the UK, Orchid Management can guide organisations through the permutations. But not based upon what is merely available.

Instead, developing clear insight by mapping the strategic and tactical demands of the business and function in the short/, medium term that will blend with the longer term intentions and culture.

In some cases this might transpire not to be a traditional BPO solution at all. If so Orchid Management will be able to recommend more suitable alternatives.