We are all stumbling toward the light with varying degrees of grace

"We simply could not have anticipated the spectacular results when outsourcing the leadership of our IT division on an interim basis.  From developing strategic clarity to tackling tough operational problems, Orchid far exceeded what I believed to be possible”...Times Top 100 Company


"The HR advice I recieved from Orchid has saved my organisation a considerable amount of money, time and effort today whilst helping to secure our longer term proserity."...SME


"The Leadership training was revolutionary – on both a personal and business level.  Little wonder the training is regarded as best in the UK, one of our Directors quoted to me that he learnt more in 4 days than 4 years of his MBA" ...Global financial services company

about Orchid Management

...Our aim is to provide best practise and creative solutions that will directly impact on the performance and well being of the people and the organisation.


Who Is Orchid Management?

A privately owned consultancy established in the 1980's that brings together some of the UK’s most respected  specialist consultants in their respective fields.  From NATO to the global financial services industry and North Sea Oil Companies to soft drinks manufacture's, the pedigree is well proven and the intentions sincere and honourable.

Most worthy consultancies will recite similar credentials together with a list of recognisable organisations, so what sets Orchid Management apart?


What is Orchid Management Attempting to achieve?

The most rewarding, valued and committed of partnerships, professionally and personally, with our clients and suppliers.

As pioneers of customer care training in the UK in the 80’s and in a consultancy  capacity bringing organisations, employees and suppliers closer together, we believe that what is acceptable today is at best superficial  and should be commercially and individually more rewarding.


But aspirations are simply not enough to differentiate Orchid Management – how can you validate or proove it?

Accredited as running some of the best management and leadership training in the UK. However, 3rd party endorsement is insufficient.

Irrespective of the success of any ritualistic courtship, only so much can be achieved prior to the engagement of any business partner.  As a consequence the traditional contractual arrangements places the potential risks with the employer.

Orchid is prepared to challenge these traditional arrangements, to develop an individual approach. Please see the invitations on this web site for more information.