GIven we only use 2% of our brain capacity, you would think the keys to unlocking our potential were readily to hand





This same recent study of the Fortune 1000 concluded:

  • Retention of employees receiving coaching 32%
  • Gross Profitability 22%
  • Productivity 53%
  • Quality 48%
  • Customer Service 49%

With such high potential gains to be achieved, the business case for coaching is less relevant than selecting a suitable coach.

The purist approach to coaching advocates that the answer lies within, which in some cases has led to frustration and protracted time frames. Mentoring on the other hand requires a recognised expert to provide the input.

Orchid Management is in the unique position of being able to combine the two. Merging, where appropriate, the commitment and gains of traditionally well conducted coaching with the accelerated results of mentoring.

Orchid does not seek a longer term dependency, simply real progression to exceed the coaching goals and unlock very probably more. When appropriate, Orchid will usually look to train managers to coach so the benefits can be achieved throughout an organisation.

"Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"